Robinson R22 is an ideal machine for teaching helicopter flying. Excellent high reliability, suitability and at the same time legible and simple operation. Another significant advantage is the low operating costs together with the long endurance in the air.

It is a two-seater helicopter, which excels in a unique view from the cockpit and running noises. This type of flying around the world and is used for many purposes - from private flying and training helicopter pilots, through sightseeing flights and photo flights, inspection of the transport infrastructure, product pipeline, to use as a tool for cattle mustering.

The first Robinson R22 helicopter from the Robinson Helicopter Company took off in 1975 and in 1979 received international certification. More than 5,000 pieces have already been produced.


  • Engine: 1x Lycoming O-360-J2A, four-cylinder, 145 hp
  • Rotor: Double-bladed, counterclockwise, diameter 6.67 m
  • Tail Rotor: Push, double-bladed
  • Weight: 398 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 622 kg
  • Payload: 224 kg
  • Number of passengers: Pilot + 1 passenger
  • Top speed: 189 km/h (102 kt)
  • Cruising speed: 139 km/h (75 kt)
  • Maximum operating altitude: 4 267 m (14 000 ft)
  • Climb: 6,6 m/s (1 300 ft/min)
  • Maximum range: : 480 km (259 NM)