Aerial works


HELITOM s.r.o. builds on the acquired experience of previous years and the evolving needs of the market in carrying out various aerial works according to the applicable legislation also called "Specialised Operations" (SPO). Aerial work is carried out by our company’s experienced professional pilots according to detailed operating procedures.

Thanks to their perfect view and slow flight capability, helicopters are the most suitable means for any aerial work.


Our company developed operating procedures, provides detailed flight crew training and managing risk assessment for the following activities listed in the so-called "declaration".


HELITOM s.r.o. provides for its clients helicopter flights with external cargo categorized under the applicable legislation designated HESLO 1 and HESLO 2 (Helicopter External Sling Load Operations).


The helicopter is an ideal and proven vehicle for survey operations, control and monitoring flights. It can effectively take advantage of the slow, and low flight possibilities along with great view out of the helicopter cabin.


The helicopter, due to its suitability, the possibility of low and slow flight, and the ability to land in almost any place outside the airport, has proven to be an effective means of applying various types of fertilizers and sprays against pests of crops worldwide.


HELITOM s.r.o. provides aerial photography work. Due to the slow flight, suitability, great view from our helicopters, the possibility of flights without doors and last but not least thanks to many years of experience of our pilots, we offer the possibility of aerial photography exactly according to your needs.


HELITOM s.r.o. offers the use of its helicopters for advertising flights for your company. To increase the publicity of your company, we offer, for example, the placement of your logo on our helicopter, the dropping of leaflets, the participation of our helicopters in various promotions, adventure programs, teambuilding activities and, last but not least, events to promote business relations.


In a wide range of activities of HELITOM s.r.o., flights for television stations and production companies also find their place. Although the final screen time of the used footage from the all-day shooting with the helicopter is not more than a few minutes, we are glad that our work allows and helps to create interesting TV pictures and shows.


In cooperation with HARD TASK TRAINING s.r.o. as the only one in the world, outside the USA, we offer a unique possibility of tactical shooting from a helicopter according to detailed procedures and methodologies based on the experience of members of special military and police units. These helicopter shootings are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and the Police of the Czech Republic in accordance with valid Czech and European legislation.

Human external cargo flights (HEC), static rope rappelling, and fast-rope rappelling

Our company operates a twin-engine EC135 P2+ helicopter equipped with a certified external load system, the EAD03 from German company ECMS Aviation Systems GmbH. Our crews are trained according to approved programs and procedures by the Civil Aviation Authority to safely carry out human external cargo (HEC) flights, static rope rappelling, and fast-rope rappelling. These activities have proven to be highly effective in rescuing people during natural disasters and facilitating rapid deployment of armed forces..


Depending on the complexity of the task and the requirements of the clients, we carry out aerial work on helicopters:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Eurocopter EC 120
  • Eurocopter EC 135


HELITOM s.r.o. cooperated and participated in many missions during its several years in the field of aerial work activities. The organization and our pilots constantly prove their professionalism and sense of good work.

Below you will find a few of the projects that HELITOM has participated in:
  • Aerial photography of Prague from an EC135 helicopter focused on the Vltava River and life around it in collaboration with Dutch photographer Iwan Baan and the organization Institute of planning and development of the capital city of Prague, 2022
  • Shootings from a helicopter for the purpose of training shooters in cooperation with HARD TASK TRAINING s.r.o., recurring shootings from 2021.
  • Spraying of forest stands against bark beetles in summer 2020
  • Sling load flights for training of the cooperation with firefighters in the summer of 2020
  • Annual aerial photography of future transport infrastructure
  • Photo flights of the Zeppelin airship in 2019
  • Helicopter flight as a part of the Czech Radio's “Ježíškova vnoučata”program in 2017 and 2019
  • Flight for the TV show "V siedmom nebi" of TV JOJ in the winter of 2018
  • Transport of telecommunication technologies on the cargo hook under the helicopter in 2017
  • Flight for TV NOVA's "Mise nový domov" show in 2017
  • Transport of a part of the wastewater treatment plant to Milešovka on the cargo hook under the helicopter 2016
  • Flood monitoring flights for Povodí Labe, s. p in 2013
  • Film flights for the program „Krajinou příběhů českých hradů známých i neznámých“ by Czech Television in 2011