In addition to flight school, aerial work, and sightseeing public flights, HELITOM s.r.o. also focuses on other helicopter flying activities. Our company is constantly developing and expanding its portfolio of services and activities, such as:

Hangar a helicopter without worries

Modern, insulated and secure hangar on the Chotouň heliport (LKCO) with many complementary services.
  • hangaring in modern helicopter-only facility
  • professional helicopter handling
  • provision of basic exterior cleaning and maintenance service
  • pre-flight preparation and post-flight inspections, refueling and oil refilling
  • the possibility of flying the helicopter to the owner
  • helicopters are spared temperature fluctuations thanks to hangar thermal insulation
  • the possibility of take-off and landing also at night thanks to its own certified and illuminated heliport

Safety pilot

HELITOM s.r.o. has experienced professional pilots and instructors who can bring and ensure peace, tranquility, and safety on board a helicopter during your long journeys to new unknown destinations for business or just during recurrent flights around the airport. It does not matter if you have just completed a private pilot training course or boast hundreds of hours of flying. Our pilots - instructors are ready to accommodate you and help you not only to take off smoothly but also to land safely.

  • Hangaring

    Professional handling of helicopters

  • Background

    Modern training facilities
  • Hangaring

    in modern premises designed exclusively for helicopters
  • Background

    Pre-flight crew briefing

  • Hangaring

    Providing basic exterior cleaning and maintenance service

  • Background

    Accommodation facilities

  • Night traffic

    Possibility of takeoff and landing at night thanks to its own certified heliport for day and night operation under VFR

  • Hangaring

    Pre-flight preparation and post-flight inspections, refueling and oil refilling

  • Background

    Accommodation facilities

  • Background

    Accommodation facilities

  • Background

    Accommodation facilities

    Rental of HELITOM facility and corporate events planning

    The modern facilities of HELITOM s.r.o. and contacts to renowned catering service providers allow our company to organize corporate events, but also renting of the premises to those who are interested in holding the company's presentation in a helicopter environment. For example, such a corporate event may also be complemented by flights for your employees.


    In 2015 and 2016, HELITOM s.r.o. implemented a project of comprehensive pilot education: Helicopter Academy from project 3.2. VPK of the Hradec Králové Region, Comprehensive Helicopter Academy: CZ1.07/3.2.10/05.0037, which was financed by the European Social Fund.

    The project brought the possibility of theoretical extension training of pilots for private and professional service.


    We are not indifferent to what is happening around us and we are happy to contribute for a good cause!

    In 2022, HELITOM s.r.o. received the "Dobrý Anděl" certificate, which helps families in difficult life situations.

    In 2021, HELITOM s.r.o. provided a financial donation to the Czech Republic Cancer Research Foundation.

    The company HELITOM s.r.o. was financially involved in the operation of BabyBox in Jičín in the past.

    Before Christmas 2017, we also participated on the publication of the translation of the book "Flights for Life, Mountain Rescuers between Matterhorn and Everest" by Mr. Gerold Biner into Czech language and further we provided free pilot services as part of the event “Ježíškova vnoučata” (The Grandchildren of Jesus) organized by the Czech Radio station.

    Helicopter Experience flight

    Get acquainted with piloting a helicopter

    In the form of lectures and practical flight demonstrations, the helicopter experience flight brings a lot of interesting information and knowledge from the history of helicopters, through the principle of their operation to practical familiarization with helicopter controls and their functions in normal flight modes. The instructors of this course are professional helicopter pilots. Of course, part of the event is flying the helicopter control by yourself.

    During the course you will get familiar with:

    • safe movement around the helicopter
    • helicopter history
    • the basics of the helicopter structure
    • the basics of aerodynamics
    • conditions for take-off and landing
    • functions of individual instruments and controls
    • legislative rules and restrictions on helicopter flying
    • flight planning
    • helicopter pre-flight inspection
    • pre-take-off operations, engine start-up and inspection procedures
    • helicopter flight – riding the helicopter
    • demonstration of the functions of each control
    • basic variants of helicopter movement
    • communication with air traffic control
    • post-flight briefing

    The composition of the experience flight can be refined individually.