Commercial air transport

In the start of 2022, HELITOM s.r.o. has become one of the only 4 certified companies for helicopter commercial air transport operations in the Czech Republic. This certification enables VIP transport of passengers and cargo.

Our helicopters and professional pilots will transport you from the front steps of your home to anywhere in the Czech Republic and beyond. Our company meets impeccable high standards. Which includes safety, our number one priority.

Whether you are flying to work, meeting friends, going on vacation or traveling to your private airplane at an international airport with no time to spare. We are here to help you. Thanks to the location of our headquarters in the direct center of the Czech Republic (specifically in the east of Prague). We are able to respond lightning fast and according to your requests.

Besides transportation of passengers we are able to provide swift transport of goods and packages, important parts and components from a manufacture or supplier to your company. Eliminating the risk of production line stoppage and financial loss.


  • VIP transport to and from anywhere in Europe.
  • Adjacent arrival to your private aircraft by helicopter.
  • Transport of persons within your companies individual residences including the access to office spaces of HELITOM where you can set up board meetings.
  • Swift transport of cargo, parts and components.